Sunday, December 1, 2013

Way Overdue

Well guys it's almost been 2 months since my last posting. I've been so swamped right now with freelance and the day get the idea, on to the update.

Since we last left off more progress (of course) has been made. We've finished framing up the extension, we got in the new windows and doors for the extension, we've replaced all the front windows in the house, we've laid out were we want our light switches and plug in's, we started insulating the main floor, we've double insulated the crawlspace, we've hung our exterior lighting, we have our outdoor water spigots in place, we've started hanging our interior lighting, and since we have a nice day out we're doing a bit of light landscaping in the back.

It's been a slow 2 months and I really wish more progress was made but we're going through a lot of red tape with the electrical, plumbing, and heating permits. We should be right as rain this upcoming Friday and be back on track. Needless to say our move in date will be pushed back, but hey that's okay. Once again no mortgage when we move in makes up for the delay.

Okay on to the pictures.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Well it's been sometime since I last posted....we last left off with the framing of the outer walls of the new addition/extension as well as laying down new subfloor. More progress has been made. We've replaced the three lower windows in the front of the house and moved the front entry door, we've framed up all the inside walls of the addition, we've added wood extensions to the existing outer walls (added on the inside so that the depth is 2 x 6" for better insulation instead of 2 x 4"), we've got all the ceiling joists up are working on the rafters.  We should have the roof on the extension finished and awaiting new shingles by the end of the weekend!!! Now for a ton of pics, enjoy!