Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sorry it's taken so so long to post an update but progress has slowed down to a dreadful halt.

It's been about three weeks since we've done any real work to the home. The house is now about 95% demoed and we're ready to begin construction and with any new construction comes the jaunty fun of building permits.

My parents spent 4 hours downtown waiting to hear what all permits we needed for the house, once they figured that all out and if we could build on the extension to the house (which we can and are...16ft) we had to quickly rearrange the floor plan due George mis measuring. We had basically 24 hours to rearrange and settle on a new layout which we did. Dad then had to draw up 13 different blueprints of the house in order to get the first permit.

As of this past Tuesday we have our first building permit and we can now begin to replace the joists and wood that has been damaged by termites. Once we have that done we will be renting a backhoe and digging up the crawlspace for the addition as well as taking down a few trees and their stumps.  We hope to be back in full swing next week.

Things have been slow because my father took a new job up North and wants to use the cash he's making on this job for our house in order to not wrack up a bunch of debt. It's smart because we'll owe less once the house is done but it does set us back. The parents want to do as much of this as possible which puts us finishing/moving in at a much, much later date. Anyway I hope to have new progress photos soon.