Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well demo is 97% done but we've ran into two major issues. Termite damage and no city sewage.

There seems to be no active termites in the wood just left over damage needless to say we're going to have to replace some support beams and a few joists. Dad said it would of cost someone who doesn't have a father as a contractor upwards of $15,000 to replace the damage but lucky for me it shouldn't set us back more than 300 - 500 bucks. Before we start putting any new wood into the house we will have an exterminator come out and treat the house, surrounding grounds and whatnot.

The sewage has been another story in itself. My parents spent better half of a day running around downtown Indy on a wild goose chase trying to figure out if the house had city sewage. They were told no, then yes, then maybe, then no. Well over this past weekend as Dad and George were roughly measuring out our lot lines in the front of the house they notice not 20 feet from our house in the middle of the street and pothole that read Indianapolis City Sewage. Hmmmmm, suspicious?!?!? George called the city sewage engineer and they're meeting him out at the house today. We are praying that it can be hooked up, that will save us about 7,000 dollars in not having to put in our own septic system. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Other than that we're moving right along. We only have the great room ceiling to rip out as well as the fireplace. We've decided to replace the old white planked wood ceiling with new white planked wood and 2 horizontal decorative beams which will give it more of a mid century feel as well as some drama.

We've picked out new stone for the fireplace but need to actually visit the dealer/supplier to see it in person to see if we do indeed like it.

Stay tuned in for more pictures and more details coming soon!

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