Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Extended Weekend

Over the Holiday/Extended weekend we spent two days working on the house. It was nice to work two days in a row on it.

Sunday we began by mowing the lawn and whacking down weeds. Dad began chopping down one of the trees in the front yard and some other smaller trees and shrubs around the property. After that we spent most of the time inside. George and Dad finished replacing the main support beam under the floor. Once that was completed we move onto a vertical beam that needed replaced.  By 9 in the evening we had the new beam in...it was kinda scary to jack the house up and hear all the creaks and squeaks the made.

On Sunday we removed all the old damaged boards from the cinder block foundation to right above the front windows. We replaced it with new special treated wood and put in our new door. George's parents came down as well but there wasn't a lot for them to do so they basically just sat around, it was still nice to see them but we felt bad as they wanted to really help us and work.

We have the front right corner (if your looking at the house from the front) to jack up as well as replacing the foundation boards, then we're onto tying up the rafters in the back end of the house. Once we do that I think we're ripping up the entire old wood floor, replacing some cross flooring joists then putting down new sub flooring.  I hope we can have this done in another few weeks.  

We still haven't heard back from any of the people we called about digging our foundation for the new extension...frustrating. 


  1. Just found your project via DesignerLand...this looks like a Ryman/EPCOT inspired home!

  2. Thanks, not to many people know of this blog...yeah it's a little mid century and what's funny is the house was partially purchased with the help of Epcot. Oh and the new landscaping will be influenced by epcots greenery as well...when we get to that point.