Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Updates

More to report... since we last left off we've made even more progress! We replaced the box sill and footer on the Eastern side of the house. We also took out the old kitchen window and replaced it with a brand new one. We've put the new sub floor down in the kitchen and have replaced the guest bathroom window. We've put up all new core board and wind proof vinyl on the eastern side of the house as well.

We've also made some new alterations to the front of the house: we're moving the front door one window space to right, basically we're swapping the entire front half of the house. Kinda confusing but you'll see later. It's best to do it now before the new windows come in, which we have ordered and they should be arriving next week.

Today we removed the old second bedroom window,  busted a hole in the old crawlspace block to make way for new plumbing and heating, painted all the foundation blocks with waterproof paint, we put in a new sump pump incase the crawlspace ever decides to flood, reinforced the new extension with rebar and concrete, put in the new footers, graded the floor for drainage into the sump pump, laid down protective vinyl and put up the new center beam that will support the new addition.

Tomorrow we should have the new window put in for the second bedroom, the last of the core board placed on the eastern side of the house and the wind protectant up as well.

We should be starting to frame up the new extension the upcoming week! I'm so excited.  Okay time for pictures.

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