Monday, February 18, 2013


So I've been trying to keep up to date on the house but alas I just have too much on my plate. Needless to say we're in full demo mode and things are going along smoothly...we've spent basically 2 Saturdays working on the home.

The first of those two was on the 9th and it was Mom, Dad, George and myself. This past Saturday we had an amazing crew of family and friends: Mom, Dad, my little sister Alicia and her girlfriend Kendra, and our good friends Mary and Jimmy. We torn down that house...well almost all of it. We filled the dumpster completely and are having to have it dumped and brought back. Dad didn't think we would need to on Saturday morning when I voiced my concerns, he was singing a different tune come 6pm.

One of the coolest things we found was the signature of what we believe is the original builder: Walter F. LaMar and the date of October 15, 1955. Dad got a kick out of it because he loves signing his homes he builds. We also found a document about the water from 1955 and dad said it was an amazing find just incase we have to grandfather any plumbing conditions when we redo the plumbing.

I've tried to document through photos as we go along but I've been wish washy just because I want to get to work. Anyway without further to do, here's some progress.

This first set of photos if the first time we did a walk through with the realtor.

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