Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We've had the house for about 3 weeks and we're just now are getting started on it. Last weekend my parents brought down tools for the demo. We've only just begun and it's fun so far. I've cut down a few small trees and old shrubbery and have more to do. George has begun tearing out the bathroom as it will be one of the first rooms to be addressed along with the new utility room.

When my parents came down to drop off the tools we went out to dinner and then to Home Depot so we could show them our flooring, kitchen cabinets and countertops, appliances, bathroom sinks and vanity and also to price a new front door and new side door. We ended up ordering the new front door and purchased a new modern handle/lock/deadbolt. We also got a matching set for the side door and really cool floating house numbers (which I believe are typeset in House Industries Neutraface).

We're going back to the Home Depot this weekend to purchase the new side door for the home and plan on working all Saturday and Sunday at the house. We plan on tearing down the drywall since the construction dumpster is being delivered this Friday. We have the dumpster for one month so we really have to make progress. On Grandpa Ech's birthday (the 15th) the entire family along with our friends are coming over to help continue the demo.

We plan on going over to the house tonight to do some lite work. I plan on taking pictures before it's too late and you can't see what we started with. I also need to post the original layout of the house seeing how we'll be altering it a bit. Anyway stay tuned for more updates.

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